Noori Dresses: Black & White Flower Dress

Thursday, October 23, 2014

When Noori Dresses contacted me about a week ago I was so excited. Don't get me wrong, I get excited when companies contact me wanting me to model or feature their product on my website, but I get even more excited when they contact me wanting E to model their product. I love bringing dresses or shoes home to her and see her face light up as she opens it up. 

Noori Dresses offers any type of dress you would need for your little girl. Christening, Holiday, Infant, Flower Girl, and First Communion. All their dresses are so beautiful and are well made with high quality material. 

E definitely looked and felt like a princess in this dress. "Come on Mama!! Take a picture of my pretty beautiful dress! Watch me spin and make a bubble!!" I love all the detail on this dress. From the white detail at the top to the flower, sequins and the bow that ties at the back. 

A BIG thumbs up to Noori Dresses!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Announcement! I have started my own online boutique called Sassy Sweet Modesty and I couldn't be more excited about it. At first I was going to wait to announce it here on my blog until I got my website up and running, but I couldn't keep it a secret any longer! While my website is under construction, you can view my shop on Instagram and Facebook to see all my products for sale. Below are some of my favorites...

$34.99 plus shipping

$29.99 plus shipping

$23.99 plus shipping

$23.99 plus shipping

$24.99 plus shipping

$21.99 plus shipping

Love Your Boobs Love Yourself Movement

Most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to most women it's a month to bring more awareness to breast cancer, to remind women to get their mammograms regularly, to celebrate those who've survived, and remember those who've lost their lives to breast cancer. But this month isn't just about that. It's about reminding women to embrace ourselves and recognize what makes us beautiful, unique, and what defines us as women. My friend Courtney from the eclectic lifestyle blog Fry Sauce & Grits started a movement called LOVE YOUR BOOBS, LOVE YOURSELF. Courtney is a bra fitter, bra educator, blogger, and is passionate about women issues. She created a video where she interviewed a group of women and asked them questions about their relationship with their breasts, how they've experienced breast shame, how they feel the media depicts breasts, and how we as women can come to love and accept and love our breasts.

#LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself "I find that most women have a hate relationship with their breasts and that makes me really sad. They're either small, large, lopsided, saggy, or too wide, and it made me realize that we need to stop this breast and body shaming because our bodies are beautiful and powerful," Courtney said. "I hope to inspire women with this Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself video that to completely love ourselves as women, we need to love and accept our boobs. There's a direct relationship between our self image of and the relationship we have with our breasts. Breasts don't define us but they are definitely a part of us. I want to bring awareness that this dysfunctional relationship we as women have with our breasts and with our bodies are directly stemmed from what the media portrays to be what is perfect and the ideal of beauty. I want to push the message that we aren't defined by our breast size and how we as women are defined by something greater."

Courtney from Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself 

Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself Quote

Me along with a group of other blogging women from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, ages, shapes and yes breast sizes have decided to come together and to love ourselves and our breasts! You can join in this movement too by sharing a picture of yourself and type what you love about your breasts and what defines you as a woman! You don't need a blog either! Just tag your photo with #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and search the hashtag to see who else has joined in. So go ahead and watch the video, it will truly inspire you to stop breast shaming and start loving your breasts and yourself more!


When it comes to breast size or looks in general, I think we are all very hard on ourselves. We all wish we were skinnier, more toned, had a different nose, different hair, different body type and different breasts...whether bigger or smaller. I have found that that body is constantly changing. One day I am happy with my body and the next I am nit picking at every little thing that I would want to change. Lately I have been realizing that I need to be grateful for and take care of this body that God has given me. I am learning to love my body. All the little extra fat on my tummy, my not so toned arms and the tiny pockets of cellulite on my butt and thighs. 

Below are other brave and beautiful women who are sharing their stories of breast shame, breast love, what they've learned from their breasts, what they mean to them, and how we as women we can learn to love our breasts and ourselves more! So don't stop here. Get clicking around, its a blog hop! I hope as you click around (and YES pin these different posts!) you will feel the importance of women loving themselves, the empowering effect sharing each of our voices will inspire others in some way. 1. Feel Great in 8 2. Life in My Heels 4. Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl 5. Utah Mom Connection 6. Lionesses at the Gate 7. Ashlee Marie 8. Tara Made It 9. Dreaming About Someday 10. MOMentity 11. Dana Ohlsen Photography 12. Lucky Blogs 13.A Ruffled Life 14. Laura's Crafty Life15.  Fry Sauce & Grits 

 Are you ready to share your story?

 Make sure to tag your picture with the hashtag #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself and @courtney_frysauceandgrits to participate in this powerful movement to inspire women to completely love themselves!

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